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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Islam is a religion of enslavement and Muslims know it.

If any discrepancies are found in the the Quran, Muhammad declared, then his latter writings can invalidate the former.

The one man's religion, text and law not only dictates but also enslaves. That is the reason why Muslim prefer dictators and they will never accept Western Democracy.

In Europe and USA Muslims are not under the local constitutional laws, but under their religion's Sharia laws. Europe has about 50 of these courts and the US 80. Things are changing.

Today, groups like ISIS, interpret Muhammad's writings their own screwy way and that is due to their religious entrapment.

Islam means surrender. Based on this enslavement Muhammad slaughtered millions of people and his followers are ready to do the same in his name. 

Beware of this phonetical religion, but with pity for indeed those under this oppressive religious regime want to be free bit do not know how. Now religion is able to free anyone.

No matter what Muslim may tall you privately or publicly, they deserve pity for they are stuck in the quagmire of their religion.


Jesus said, "Love your enemy" that would also include Satan wouldn't it? And if a Muslim terrorist wants to kill you as the enemy what will you do then? Some say, "We hate sin, but love the sinner." Is that a true statement? Behind such words is another interpretation, perhaps this: the devil makes them do what they do; would that work in the court of law? If Satan is behind all terrorists' actions then how do you know it for a fact? Have you studied Satan, his origins and works, as you would study the words and deeds of Jesus?

The Bible is composed of many authors. The Protestant Bible has 66 authors and the Catholic 73. If the Bible was one man's work it would have amounted to dictatorship.

One God does not mean one dictator for He does not dictate, religion does. [John 8:32] “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Every seventh year a Hebrew salve was to be freed. Every 50th year all debts are pardoned. You do not have to pray if you do not want to, but if your do then that most likely comes from the love of the heavenly Father.  You do not need to fast, but if you do then perhaps that is for health reasons. You are not under any obligation even when scared with eternal fires of hell. You free to love and hate, but you are admonished to not hate for this hate will eventually destroy you; hence suicide bombers vent hate and explode. 


Bettina M├╝nchberg said...

"In Europe and USA Muslims are not under the local constitutional laws but under their religions's." This is for me an amazing fact, because it shows me what priority religion has in life of people! And this fakt is often underestimated by other people, how do not know the mechanisms of religion.


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